What We Do


The Midwest Diplomatic Marathon in Chicago offers Cincinnati members the chance to participate in high-level diplomatic meetings with consuls of numerous nations. AJC lay leaders gain the support of decision-makers from around the world on issues critical to a strong Jewish future. Labeling Hezbollah a terrorist group is an example of the causes we have recently advocated for.

Legislative Advocacy

AJC Cincinnati advocates with political leaders at the regional and national levels for domestic policies and legislation that advance Israel’s security, the well-being of Jews, and democratic values. A recent example is our endorsement of the U.S. Israel Strategic Partnership Act.

Building Bridges

AJC Cincinnati builds important alliances across diverse ethnic and religious groups in order to work together more effectively in support of democratic values and human rights for all. Recently the cause of immigration reform has brought us together with coalition partners from numerous local churches.


AJC’s unparalleled global media presence reaches more people in more countries and in more languages than any other Jewish organization. Staff experts and lay leaders regularly brief AJC members in print, conference calls and blogs.