Local Action, Global Impact

Combatting Anti-Semitism and Religious Intolerance In Our Community

“We must react not only with our hearts, but also with our heads. We dare not minimize the seriousness of the situation, but we also must be careful not to overreact, especially before it is more clear who and what we are confronting. We dare not allow those who would intimidate, those who would proliferate hate and fear, to determine the future of the American Jewish story.”
Rabbi Noam Marans, AJC, director of Interreligious and Intergroup Relations

As requested, below please find some suggested action items for you to consider.

  • Express gratitude
    • Show your gratitude to law enforcement officials who are working day and night to solve these very difficult cases.
    • Send letters of thanks to our local and state elected officials and thank them for their support of the safety and security of the Jewish community and other vulnerable religious communities.

  • Reach out across religious, ethnic and racial lines
    • Create or renew alliances and friendships.
    • Attend communal events – vigils, rallies, marches.
    • Demonstrate acts of lovingkindness and solidarity with one another by visiting others’ houses of worship and community centers.
    • Help with the spring cleaning of under-maintained cemeteries.

  • Call upon the diverse religious, racial and ethnic leaders to stand up and band together in unity
    • Encourage denominational and faith group leaders to speak out, issue supportive statements and show up in solidarity.
    • Urge elected officials and civil servants to assure that hate crimes are easily reported, properly chronicled and fully prosecuted.
    • Persuade religious institutions to figure out how to remain simultaneously both open and welcoming and safe and secure.


Get Involved
AJC Cincinnati strives to provide programming locally that builds bridges and promotes understanding in order to ensure a secure Jewish future. To hear about our events, sign up to be involved, join a committee, and participate in our advocacy, contact AJC Cincinnati at 513.621.4020 or Cincinnati@ajc.org.

Local Advocacy
Arranges meetings with elected officials and prepares members with background information and talking points

International Advocacy
Initiates programs on Israel, Iran, Germany, oversees Midwest Diplomatic Marathon delegation, and prepares members with talking points regarding international affairs, and provide information and programs on global energy security issues

Selects honorees for fund-raising events, oversees solicitation of present and prospective supporters

Advocates for federal immigration reform through contact with members of Congress and their staff, involvement in coalitions with local partners to improve immigrant community relations at the state and local levels, and works with area city officials, Sheriff and police departments, including representatives from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

Interfaith/Intergroup Relations
Coordinates and promotes three major events- Thanksgiving Diversity Lunch, Community Intergroup Seder, and Lazarus Awards, as well as engages in interreligious affairs, such as Mormon dialogue, outreach to Presbyterians, and programming with Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati

Ongoing selection of new Board members, presenting opportunities for initiative and advancement

BDS Task Force
Combatting Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) on college campuses and beyond

Young Professionals Engagement Task Force
Empowering Jewish young professionals to engage with today's critical domestic and international issues

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